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“A new approach, a new way of connecting business” – MD, Tangent Link

As you are visiting our website, I sincerely hope it is because I, or one of my team, have personally met with you and that you are seeking something different in conferencing and exhibitions. If you are new to Tangent Link I hope this will help you understand how we deliver a fresh approach in connecting you with senior end users and decision makers.

Since 2003, Tangent Link has successfully delivered conferences  around the world. In 2008, we embarked on a mission to change the way conferences were created, sold and delivered.  We understood that different cultures required a different conference experience, a new way to connect business and make a positive impact.  As one client recently observed “Tangent Link own the event” meaning we look at every detail as if we were participating and ask what is the measure of success and how can we provide the services that exceed this?

We know each country is different and we have spent years understanding and learning how they work and what makes them tick. Our promise is to use this knowledge to help you get to where you need to be. To help you understand the MARKET quickly and COST effectively and to be successful in those markets.

I look forward to the opportunity of creating that success story with you.

Phil Guy
Managing Director





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