Recce P180 Avanti II Order for Royal Thai Air Force

PIAGGIO AERO Industries has gained an order for a single P180 Avanti II to meet a Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) requirement for a photo reconnaissance aircraft. The RTAF signed a contract for the P180 on September 30 at the company’s headquarters in Villanova d’Allbenga, Italy.

Although no specific details of equipment fit have been announced, Piaggio says that the new RTAF aerial reconnaissance platform will be a modified special mission version of the Avanti II aircraft.  It will be customized for territorial multifunctional surveillance, featuring specialised photography systems.

In relation to the deal, a RTAF delegation visited the Italian Air Force’s 14° Stormo/71° Gruppo at Pratica di Mare, which operates a special mission version of the P180, to gain more of an insight into the operations of the type and the training opportunities that the AMI could provide. Alan Warnes