Airbus Military CASA 295 releases Marte Mk2/S ASM

Airbus Military and MBDA announced today that they have successfully demonstrated the release of an instrumented, inert Marte Mk 2/S anti-ship missile installed under the wing of the C295 maritime patrol aircraft.  This flight was the last of a series of trials performed in a joint Airbus Military-MBDA collaboration to validate the aerodynamic integration of Marte on the C295, its handling qualities and performance tests.

The installation of weapons under the wings provides new operational capabilities to the C295 MPA, allowing the aircraft to perform new missions demanded by customers.  In the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) role, the C295 is already in-service carrying the Mk 46 torpedo.

The Marte Mk 2/S is already integrated on the AW101 and NFH (Naval NH90) helicopters in service with the Italian Navy and integration activities for the Marte ER on the Eurofighter Typhoon are currently underway.

The MBDA Marte Mk 2/S missile is a fire-and-forget, all-weather, medium-range sea-skimming anti-ship weapon system, equipped with inertial mid-course guidance and radar homing terminal guidance, and capable of destroying small vessels and heavily damaging major vessels.  The missile has a weight of 683lbs (310kg) and is 12ft 7in (3.85m) long.