Argentine Air Force analyzing the purchase of Boeing 737-500

FIVE BOEING 737-500 airliners are currently being considered by the Argentina Government as a replacement for the Fokker F-28 operating with the Air Force and Presidential Flight.  The planes were originally leased by Aerolineas Argentinas and, after they were returned to the leasing company, remain stored in Argentina.  The owners don’t see too many opportunities to lease them again and the cost to return them to the USA is too high, so they have offered the aircraft to the Argentine Government.

The plan is to use one to replace the Fokker F-28s in use by the Presidential flight, along with the single Boeing 757, and the other four to replace the Fokker F-28s that have been in service with the Argentine Air Force since 1978. The main problem is the Boeing 757s do not have cargo doors like the Fokkers, so would only be used for passenger transport.  

Despite this, no final decision has been made about the acquisition, but negotiations are still progressing and a decision is expected by 2014.  Santiago Rivas