Asia Update – Geo-political standpoint

“Not a good week for America!”   |   Following a week in Asia meeting political, economic and military contacts, John Longhurst, Executive Chairman, Tangent Link, provides a Geo-political Asian Update.

The following extract is taken from the report, and the full report is available to download by clicking on the link below:


The bottom-line: 

We see a growing North-South Asia split regarding US and Chinese influence. Japan reinforced treaty commitments with the US last week and we see continued US dominance in Japanese-Korean military spend. In contrast, South East Asia continues to slowly move closer to China, led by trade and finance flows, and China’s successful divide-and- conquer approach to South China Sea issues. In West Asia, China marked another milestone with Turkey’s preliminary decision to buy a Chinese top-end missile defence system. We continue to see Asian defence, aviation and security markets having long-term growth, especially in a global context. Alongside this, we see dislocation to global pricing as Chinese company offerings broaden.


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