Beriev A-100 makes second test flight

The Beriev A-100 is a an AEW&C (airborne early warning and control) aircraft based on the Il-76MD-90A transport aircraft platorm.  Built in Russia, it is planned to replace the Beriev A-50 in Russian Air Force service.  While it has avionics and other configuration similar to the A-50U, a new Vega Premier Active Phased Array Radar gives it a significant lead over the older model.
The A-100 made its second flight in its planned test program, with all systems reported in full operation. The A-100 project has been developed by Vega (specialising in military radar and surveillance), electronics component company Roselectronika and airframe manufacturer Beriev.
During the flight, the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft and the performance of the avionics were checked. The machine demonstrated normal behavior in all flight modes: the aircraft systems and the engine control system worked in accordance with the specified parameters and are ready for further test phases.
The A-100 was created on the basis of the IL-76MD-90A, on which a radome with a unique antenna system and the latest special radio equipment are installed, allowing a quicker increase the radar field in a given operational direction. The system is capable of detecting and accompanying air and other targets, as well as participating in the management of fighter and strike aircraft when aiming at air, ground and sea targets.  Early plans reported as far back as 2014 suggested an intention to detect aerial targets more than 370 miles away and warships nearly 250 miles away.
Vega’s General Designer Vladimir Verba said that the work being done on the A-100 is aimed at achieving the combat and flight performance far exceeding both domestic and foreign counterparts.
Jeremy Parkin