Drone Hopper is Looking for Investment

Drone Hopper started up about two years ago. It is currently developing a family of unique UAVs. Two are being developed for firefighting, 300 litre Wildhopper and 150 litre Urban Hopper. What marks UAVs different from aircraft is that they can operate at night as well as the day.

A spokesman from the company told the author at Aerial Firefighting Europe 2017: “The advantage is we can use this at night, as it’s used by remote control rather than having someone on board.”

At the moment the company is working on a prototype Wildhopper, but it is looking for an investor. “We are ground testing it now with full electrical power plant. Our expectation is that with thermal power it will be able to carry up from 300 to 4.500 litres, depending on the engine selection.”

Another UAV, Agrohopper, is for fumigating crops against the likes of mosquito. It can take 80 litres of liquid and can stay airborne for 20 minutes too.

Alan Warnes
Independent Journalist