Ex Brazilian Air Force Hueys for Brazil Police

THE BRAZILIAN Air Force is set to deliver two Bell UH-1H and four Esquilo helicoptes to the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police, which are currently stored at the Parque de Material Aeronáutico dos Afonsos (PAMA-AF), at Rio de Janeiro. They will reinforce the air assets of the force, which lost an Esquilo last May and will be fundamental in providing security in the city during the 2014 World Cup and the Olympic Games in 2016.

The helicopters to be transferred are the UH-1H former FAB-8695 and 8688 and the Esquilos FAB 8811, 8816, 8818 and 8819. The UH-1Hs of the Brazilian Air Force are being replaced by Blackhawks and Super Cougars, while the Esquilos of the Poti Squadron were replaced by the Mi-35. Santiago Rivas