First Royal Air Force of Oman C-295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft Flown

MAKING ITS maiden flight from the Airbus Defence and Space facility at Seville-San Pablo Airport, Spain, on August 1 was the first of three C-295 MPA maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) for the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO).  The aircraft is equipped with a new, updated version of the company’s Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS), earlier versions of which have already been incorporated on numerous MPAS.

The latest version of FITS is designed to make it more operator-friendly.  The fit on the RAFO aircraft includes a search radar and electro-optical/infra-red sensors and Terma 9000 sideways-looking airborne radar (SLAR), together with self-protection equipment. The aircraft will be used by Oman to patrol its territorial waters and to conduct missions against piracy, illegal immigration and smuggling.

Under a contract signed on May 21, 2012, the RAFO has ordered a total of eight C-295Ms.  These comprise both transport and MPA configurations.  Five are configured for tactical transport, while the remaining three will be MPAs. Alan Warnes