French Navy NH90 Caïman Deliveries Reach Half-Way Stage

Deliveries of NH90 Caïman Marine helicopters to the French Navy have now passed the half-way mark, following the entry into service of the 14th example of the 27 on order. Arrival of the helicopter was announced in the official French Navy magazine Cols Bleu today, August 21.

The helicopter was the last Caïman Step B’ variant, with non-digital radar. It was delivered on July 17, following which pre-service entry maintenance operations were carried out before it formally entered service with Flottille 33F at Base Aéronautique Navale Lanvéoc-Poulmic on August 12. With the arrival of this helicopter,the number of Caïmans operating with 33F now totals five.

The Caïmans of 33F are deployed aboard the French Navy’s FREMM and FDA frigates for missions which include anti-submarine, anti-ship, counter-terrorism, search and rescue at sea, fighting against illegal trafficking, assistance to ships in distress, naval logistics and commando transport. Alan Warnes