Geo Political Webcasts with David Wurmser

Tangent Link is pleased to introduce a short series of webcasts with David Wurmser, one of the most experienced and respected US National Security advisors. The webcast will focus on Mid-East/Near-East Affairs, and Great Power dynamics. David was until recently Senior Advisor to John Bolton on President Trump’s National Security Council, and previously served as Senior Advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney during the Bush Administration. David received his Ph.D. from the John Hopkins University, and began his career in US Naval Intelligence and has a host of accolades and has published extensively. He is the founder of Delphi Global Analysis. David’s analysis and insights can be incredibly useful for your business development outlook at this challenging time in global geo-political affairs.                 

Webcast #1
Energy/Defence outlook for the Mid/Near East

Webcast #2
Great Powers in the Mid/Near East

Webcast #3
Outlook for Global Security, Looking at Trump vs Biden US Election Outcomes


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