INAER Awarded Spanish Helicopter Fire-Fighting Contract

Spanish aerial emergency services provider INAER announced on March 3 that it has been awarded a contract by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment (Magrama) for four of the five helicopters being providing firefighting, surveillance and forest fire co-ordination services for the 2015 winter-spring season. This service will remain active during the months of March, April and part of May.

The aircraft for this new contract will be four Bell 412 transport helicopters that can carry six people and a cargo load of 900-1,000 litres each. They will be stationed at air bases in Pino Franqueado, Ruente, Tabuyo del Monte and Tineo.

INAER flight crews and aircraft maintenance technicians already have extensive experience and expertise in the field of fire prevention and firefighting. In 2014, INAER aircraft conducted over 3,700 firefighting operations, for a total of 6,216 hours in-flight. During the past firefighting season, INAER EspaƱa had over 85 aircraft equipped with sophisticated resources for this type of activity, resulting in a record low number of fires and affected areas for the past ten years. Alan Warnes