Indonesia Orders Two Dauphins for Search and Rescue

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) has ordered two AS365 N3+ Dauphin helicopters to boost Indonesia’s search and rescue (SAR) capabilities. Announcing the order at the Paris Air Show on June 16, Airbus Helicopters said they will be delivered to PTDI within a year.

After delivery, they will be reassembled, tested, qualified, completed and customized by PTDI with mission equipment including hoists, flotation systems, direction finder, an electronic optical system, and casualty evacuation devices. “We are very familiar with the Dauphin platform and are confident that with the installation of dedicated SAR equipment, we will offer the right solution to the Indonesian Government for its SAR demands,” explained PTDI’s President Director Budi Santoso, during the signing ceremony in Paris.

The strategic alliance between PTDI and Airbus Helicopters has seen them manufacturing and delivering more than 130 helicopters over the last 40 years. “PTDI knows the needs of Indonesia and has been instrumental in securing the right assets and equipment for the country’s defence. This acquisition is another good example,” said Fabrice Rochereau, Vice-President of South East Asia & Pacific Sales and Customer Relations at Airbus Helicopters.

There are currently five Dauphin helicopters in service in Indonesia, with the Police and Basarnas, for law enforcement and SAR missions respectively. The Indonesian Navy ordered eleven Panthers (the military version from the same family) for anti-submarine warfare last year, which will also be delivered by PTDI within the next three years. Alan Warnes