Iraqi Army Acquires 16 Bell 407s and Four More Mi-28NEs

A batch of 16 Bell 407 helicopters has recently been delivered to the Iraqi Army Aviation Corps under a previously unreported order. They had arrived in the country by February 1, when four Mil Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopters also arrived on board an An-124.

A video produced by the Iraqi Ministry of Defence showing the Mi-28NEs being unloaded also revealed some of the Bell 407s being re-assembled in a hangar. An initial batch of three Mi-28NEs was delivered to Iraq at the end of August last year, with the latest delivery bringing the total up to seven.

Iraq has previously taken delivery of three Bell T-407 training helicopters and 30 armed IA-407 variants. It is unclear as yet whether the new deliveries are armed or training versions. Alan Warnes