Kazan produces 7,500th Mi-8/17 helicopter

Kazan Helicopters, has just produced the 7,500th Mi-8/17 series helicopter, an Mi-8MTV-5 which will be handed over to the Russian Air Force.  To date over 12,000 Mi-8/17s have been produced and supplied to customers in over 100 countries around the world. Today, they are built under series produces in three main configurations:
– Mi-8MTV-1 (export variant – Mi-171V) – a multirole configuration which can also be used as a flying hospital
– Mi-8MTV-5 (export variant – Mi-17V-5) – a military transport configuration, designed to carry cargo in cabin and on an external sling,  can also be armed and used for search and rescue operations
– Mi-172 – passenger configuration, also produced in a special VIP configuration.