Latest EW & Radar news from DSEI

Alan Warnes reports on the top 10 EW & Radar news stories that came out of DSEI last week.

  1. Cobham’s new variant of C-IED Minehound

Cobham Antenna Systems showed off their technological EW know-how at DSEI with an array of sensors. Having supplied over 5,000 anti Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) it is now a world leader in ground penetrating radar……

  1. Inzpire’s GECO (Land) product launched

Inzpire’s Graphic Electronic Cockpit Organiser (GECO) Air tablet-based product has been further developed in to a land variant. The GECO (Land) product was launched and demonstrated at DSEI 2015…..

  1. RUAG now upgrading Cougar with ISSYS

Having concluded the EW upgrade of 16 Super Pumas for the Swiss Air force last year, RUAG Aviation is currently pressing ahead with a Cougar prototype upgrade…..

  1. New cross platform helmet/laser defence eyewear for aircrew

Gentex Corporation, demonstrated their ALPHA helmet systems for both ground and air applications at DSEI. Featured among them was their latest innovations for aircrew, a cross platform helmet system and laser defence eyewear…..

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