Malaysian Minister of Defence attends CNRT 17

The keynote address at the Chief of Navy Roundtable talks was Malaysia’s Minister of Defence, Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.  He praised the efforts of the organisers in recording 31 Chiefs of Navy and representatives, academics and defence industry players.

He told us that with a maritime area of more than 556,000 sq kms and a coastline of more than 6,000kms, maritime security was a priority.  And Malaysia’s response has rightfully been criticized.

He spoke of how maritime threats, unlike other security threats has evolved from traditional to non-traditional.  From sovereign driven border disputes in the seas, maritime threats today involve non state actors who carry out illicit activities such as trans-border and Kidnap for Ransom crimes.  Uncertainties require us to be flexible in our approach to security whilst being mindful at all time of the economic challenges as well as resources at hand.

He said nations need to revamp their standard operating procedures to face these challenges and that governments are now demanding better value for money to fit evolving requirements of both military and enforcement agencies.  He also stressed the need of the local defence industries too.  So anyone offering products has to take those aspects into consideration. Alan Warnes