malomatia to highlight Cyber Security offering at Cyber Security 2014

malomatia, a leading provider of technology services and solutions in the State of Qatar, has confirmed its participation in the Cyber Security 2014 conference which will be held in Doha from 1-3 December 2014.

malomatia are supporting the event as an Associate Sponsor and will address the importance of threat monitoring and a proactive approach to managing cyber security objectives for public and private sector companies.

Malomatia CEO Mr Yousef Al Naama said: “Cyber security is an important issue in an interconnected digital world and the pressure to ensure compliance to global best practices is driven by both external and internal factors. Some of the external drivers include regulatory requirements, dynamic threats, protecting shareholder value and many aspects of brand reputation value. Internal corporate factors also contribute to the importance and demand for cyber security infrastructure.

“Customer service, supply chain integrity and cost effectiveness through efficiency are also closely linked to data security. Governments, defense sector clients and private sector firms are all seeking to avoid corporate espionage and protect their intellectual rights and proprietary information,” said Mr. Al Naama.

malomatia is a local company committed to building and sustaining local capabilities in order to contribute to Qatar Vision 2030. malomatia’s offerings include Managed Cyber Security services and solutions for Government Entities, Financial Institutions, Defense clients and Private Sector organizations.

Services include monitoring and assessing threats by understanding security infrastructure, protecting assets from network intruders and managing network surveillance. This is supported by actively managing and combating risks in the form of changes in data and access, leveraging the reach of global Security Operations Centers. Clients benefit from global experience and depth of expertise across multiple industry verticals because malomatia combines people, processes and technology to protect networks and digital assets.

To achieve this, malomatia leverages the expertise of global segment leaders in cyber security risk management to deliver innovation and forward planning. The company’s goal as a national stakeholder is to protect the interests of Qatar’s public and private sector stakeholders in an ever changing, and often hostile, global digital environment.

This involves delivering advanced systems and protocols to protect revenue, productivity and brand reputation, while also being able to monitor and assess threats within a planned, reactive and anticipatory technology framework.

Mr. Al Naama adds: “These threat environments are constantly changing, while financial and reputation motivated attacks are increasing globally. Security processes and technologies need to keep up with these challenges, which is why malomatia is keen to highlight the importance of cyber security at the upcoming conference in December.”

According to the event organizers, UK-based Tangent Link, the Middle East has become a hotspot for cyber-attacks amid an escalation of computer-led warfare across the globe. With its growing international profile promoting greater awareness of the country’s wealth, Qatar has recently been an especially vulnerable target, making it a more attractive target for cyber-attacks.

As Qatar asserts itself as a model for cyber security, leading systems integrators such as malomatia are highlighting the role of Managed Cyber Security service offerings in achieving this objective.