New Geo-political Standpoint Report now available

The October issue of the Geo-political standpoint report, written by John Longhurst, Executive Chairman, Tangent Link is now available to download  |

The report provides an unbiaised, independent overview & analysis of the international geo-political scene.

The following extract is taken from the report:


The Mirage of Peace

September was a dramatic month, closing with the first direct conversation between the Presidents of America and Iran since 1979.

Overall though, the clear currency winner of late has been Putin, who has learned from Libya and applied lessons in Syria.

What is often overlooked is the ‘low level’ non-stop violence in key areas such as Iraq. Nonetheless, for every worry, there is hope. Elections in Sri Lanka gave Tamils representation in Parliament for the first time since the ending of the civil war, and the chance of more self-government.

Elections also in Germany and Australia of a much less dramatic nature at least gave visibility on the road ahead. Not so in Italy, with a collapse in government on the cards as ex-Premier Berlusconi faces house arrest. And, even more worrying, the collapse of government in Egypt.

Another worry – Al Qaeda, which is not only in full force in Syria, but has reminded the world that it remains a fully functioning terror force, with the Nairobi shopping centre massacre.

With North Asia quiet for now, all eyes will be on Iran/Syria in the period ahead. Can Obama really get a deal with Iran? How will the civil war in Syria play out, in the face of a chemical weapons deal?


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