Repair Contract Awarded for South Korean Forestry Ka-32s

Helicopter Service Company (HSC) has entered into a contract with Russian Helicopters and South Korea’s Department of Forest Aviation to repair four of the South Korean operator’s Kamov Ka-32T helicopters. According to the contract, which was announced by Russian Helicopters on October 22, the refurbishment aim to increase resources so as to extend the flight times of the helicopters to 2,000 hours, with a ten-year guarantee until any further major repairs will be needed. This is the first direct contract between HSC and the South Korean operator that has not required mediation. In the past, similar work has been carried out by LG International in its technical service centre, with HSC involved as a contractor.

The repairs detailed in the contract will be carried out by specialists from Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, which is also a part of Russian Helicopters. The work will take place in Wonju at one of the Forest Aviation Department’s technical service centres which is responsible for projects of this kind. The contract should be completed within eight months.

The Ka-32 is a medium-sized helicopter with co-axial rotors, twin turboshaft engines and a fixed undercarriage. It is a civilian version of the Ka-27PS search and rescue helicopter, developed by the Kamov Design Bureau. From 1985 Ka-32 helicopters have been in series production at the Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise. Today, South Korea successfully employs more than 60 Ka-32 helicopters to carry out a variety of tasks. This fleet has accumulated a flight time of over 100,000 hours. Alan Warnes