SAR Version of AW189 Achieves EASA Certification

AGUSTAWESTLAND announced on December 23 that it has achieved European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification for the search and rescue variant of the AW189.  This paves the way for the delivery of helicopters for the UK search and rescue programme. The range of kits for the SAR mission that have now been certified by EASA for the AW189 include a dual rescue hoist with camera system, search radar, high definition FLIR system, searchlight, increased capacity fuel system, Flight Management System (FMS) and Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) SAR modes, cabin mission console and various additional communication systems.  The SAR variant of the AW189 has also been certified with a maximum all up mass of 18, 959lbs (8,600kg), an increase of 661lbs (300kg), to provide increased payload.
The SAR variant of the AW189 has a maximum cruise speed of 155 knots (287km/h) and with the increased fuel capacity has an endurance of 5 hours 40 minutes or a maximum range of 600nm (1,111km). The 395 cu ft (11.2m3) reconfigurable cabin can accommodate two stretchers and six seated survivors alongside the two rear crew with easy access via the aircraft large sliding doors.  Additionally the 85 cu ft (2.4 m3) baggage compartment can be accessed from the cabin and used to store equipment.  The cockpit design, incorporating the latest in advanced situational awareness technologies, reduces crew workload and enhances safety.  The AW189 meets the very latest international regulatory safety requirements (EASA/FAA Part 29, JAR OPS 3/EU-OPS).  The AW189 is unique in having a 50 minute run-dry’ capable main gear box, exceeding current certification standards and offering unmatched safety and reliability for long range offshore operations.
A wide spectrum of advanced support and training solutions, also including latest generation HUMS (Health Usage and Monitoring System) and Level D Full Flight Simulator, are available to AW189 operators to maximize operational effectiveness and safety.  A CAE 3000 Series AW189 simulator, designed specifically to support training for search and rescue operations, will also be ready-for-training with Rotorsim, an AgustaWestland and CAE joint venture, in Aberdeen in 2015.  Alan Warnes