Selex Praetorian EW deliveries completed to European customers

Selex ES has completed deliveries of the Praetorian electronic warfare self protection system for Tranche 2 Eurofighter Typhoons. All 236 Tranche 2 Typhoons operated by the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain will be equipped with electronic support measures, electronic countermeasures and missile approach warning elements. Together, these combine to inform the pilot on potential hazards and automatically take measures to protect the fighter.

Selex ES, which leads the EuroDASS consortium to deliver Praetorian, is currently also under contract to deliver the systems for Tranche 3A Typhoons, with the first batch of systems already installed. The company is also contracted to provide the Praetorian system for the Royal Saudi Air Force, which has 72 Typhoons on order.

“As Europe’s leader in electronic warfare, we’re proud to play such a prominent role in the protection of the Eurofighter Typhoon,” said Pete Forrest, VP Marketing and Sales for Electronic Warfare at Selex ES, adding: “As a company we continue to invest 15% of revenues in research and development which has lead to us bringing to market highly advanced EW products like our SAGE electronic support measure system.”