Sikorsky Awarded $1.3 Billion Deal for 102 Black Hawks and Seahawks

TWO CONTRACTS, together worth over $1.3 billion, were awarded by US Army Contracting Command to Sikorsky Aircraft on November 17 for the manufacture of 102 helicopters for the US Army and US Navy.  The first contract, valued at $771.9 million, covers procurement of 41 UH-60M Black Hawks and 24 HH-60Ms for the US Army.  Contract completion is expected by June 30, 2015.

The second deal, worth $535.3 million, is for the acquisition of eight MH-60S and 29 MH-60R helicopters for the US Navy.  This contract is due for completion by December 31, 2015.

Both deals are add-ons to an $8.5 billion contract which was signed on July 11, 2012, for up to 916 Black Hawk and Seahawk helicopters. This comprised 653 firm orders, with options on a further 263 helicopters.  The new orders represent conversion of some of these options into firm orders.  Alan Warnes