Tanzania Operating Seabird Seeker in ISR Role

IT HAS recently emerged that the Tanzanian People’s Defence Force Air Wing (JWTZ) has been operating the Seabird SB7L-360 Seeker, configured for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, for around at least 12 months and possibly longer. The JWTZ’s use of the type was revealed in a music video posted recently on the internet, which used one of the type in JWTZ markings as a backdrop. The video was shot in April last year.

The equipment fit on the Seeker is unknown, but at least includes an undernose EO/IR sensor turret, which is clearly visible in the video. On the basis that JWTZ serial systems for each type in its inventory normally begin at JW-xx01 and run consecutively, as this aircraft is serial number JW-9704, it seems likely that at least four have been delivered.

Tanzania is not known to have any other ISR aircraft and largely operates transport types, trainers and a handful of fighters. Alan Warnes