US Army Buys Five Counter-IED Dash 8s from Dynamic Aviation

Dynamic Aviation Group of Bridgewater, Virginia, was awarded a $39.2 million contract on April 7 by US Army Contracting Command for the purchase of six DHC8 Dash 8-315 commercial derivative aircraft in the Desert Owl and Saturn Arch configuration. Estimated contract completion date is given as July 17, 2015.

These aircraft are currently part of the Dynamic Aviation fleet of 15 Dash 8s and had already been converted to the Desert Owl and Saturn Arch configuration. They have been operating on behalf of the US Army, primarily on missions in Afghanistan, for some time.

Desert Owl and Saturn Arch are aircraft-mounted counter-IED systems that have been employed on various platforms for operations in Afghanistan. They use various ISR sensors for the mission, operated by civilian companies under contract to the US Government. Alan Warnes