US State Department Approves Sale of Three UH-60M Black Hawks to Brazil

US DEFENSE Security Co-operation Agency (DSCA) officials announced on September 9 that the US State Department has approved the sale of three Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawks to Brazil.  The DSCA sent the required notification to Congress of this possible Foreign Military Sale on September 8. 

Including associated equipment, parts, training and logistical support, the deal will cost an estimated $145 million. Also included will be two spare T-700-GE-701C engines, 12 M-134 7.62mm machine guns and eight H765GU embedded global positioning system/inertial navigation systems.

The DSCA says that Brazil will use the UH-60Ms to provide additional search and rescue and internal security capabilities. This procurement will upgrade its air mobility capability and provide for the defence of vital installations and close air support for ground forces.

It is unclear which branch of the Brazilian Armed Forces will operate these helicopters.  The Brazilian Air Force currently operates 16 UH-60L Black Hawks, while the Brazilian Army has four HM-2 (S-70A-36) Black Hawks. Alan Warnes